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Norfolk Island 3-11 April we come

01 Jun 2012

Three years ago Go See Touring invited me to discovered a beautiful Island paradise called Norfolk Island. 2014 will be my third visit and take it from me you have to see it to believe it, I can't wait to go back again. Each day there are tours discovering the history and sights of Norfolk, afternoons are at your leisure and in the evenings there is always entertainment of some sought. 

The "Convict night" is fantastic, all dressed up in our convict outfits, what a night of fun that is. Enjoy the freshly cooked Fish at the Fish Fry's which are virtually from the ocean to the pan and watch the evening sunset from the cliff tops , it is just magic. Take it from me this an ideal way to slow the pace down and to enjoy a very special holiday. Of course I will take my guitar along so we will have plenty of fun and laughter.

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