Tour Dates

Date Location Details
28/04/2019 02:30PM Commercial Club Wagga Wagga Vic Lucky Starr and Rodney Vincent for the Wagga Wagga Country Music Club Bookings Don Tuckwell Music Store Wagga N S W
27/04/2019 07:30PM Wunghu Tavern Wunghu Vic Australian Music Legend Lucky Starr and Rodney Vincent . One great variety Show Bookings 03 58 62 29 65
26/04/2019 07:30PM Young Services Club Young N S W Lucky Starr "I've been everywhere man" Australian Music Legend with Rodney Vincent , Variety show Bookings at the Club
24/04/2019 11:30AM Commercial Club Albury N S W "Songs from the War Years" with special Guest Marion Faye Bookings at the Club 02 60 57 2000
11/04/2019 07:00PM Mulwala Ski Club Mulwala Dance and Raffle Night
05/04/2019 10:00AM Victoria Bowling Club Ballarat Vic Morning Melodies Variety Show , bookings at the club