Tour Dates

Date Location Details
28/10/2018 04:00PM Sawtell R S L Club Sawtell N S W Afternoon Show with Raffles
26/10/2018 11:00AM Coloundra R S L Club Qld Variety Day Dancing and Fun
25/10/2018 10:30AM Toowoomba City Golf Club Toowoomba Daytime Show with George Harvey Variety and fun
24/10/2018 09:30AM "Across the Waves" Club Bundaberg Qld Morning Melodies Show
21/10/2018 04:01PM Coloundra R S L Club Qld Daytime Variety Show with Geoff Jones
19/10/2018 03:00PM Munna Creek Country Music Festival Qld Country Music Festival Oct 19 / 20
18/10/2018 10:30AM Lismore Workes Club Lismore N S W Morning Melodies Bookings at the Club
11/10/2018 07:00PM Mulwala Ski Club Mulwala Dance and Raffle Night
03/10/2018 12:18PM Mildura Country Music Festival Mildura Oct 3 - Oct 8 Country Music Festival